Why Speech Therapy?

This 1 hour 9 minute long presentation is aimed at answering the questions as to what Speech Therapy is, why would I need it if I talk just fine, and to help one understand how to decide what type of Speech Therapist to see. In addition, we focus on the difference between all the professionals that the patient is seeing and the confusion about dysphagia and diet modifications.

0:00 -10:40 What is Speech Therapy and what are the qualifications
10:40 -18:21 The Different disciplines you may be dealing with and what are the differences in the medical professional’s areas of expertise and qualifications
18:21 – 24:40 The Five Systems of Dysphagia Video explanation
24:40- 52:57 Speech Pathology Specifics: Patient diagnoses, Speech Therapy Service options, and what is the benefit going to be or reason I would want to see one?
52:57 – 1:04:54 The International Dysphagia Diet – a brief overview and examples of each level of diet consistency, food and liquid. How to tell if the consistency is right.
1:04:54 – End The key to successful rehabilitation

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