Reflux Dysphagia For The Caregiver & Patient

This 1 hour and 28 minute presentation focuses on the definition of reflux, the prevalence in our population, and how it is diagnosed and treated. Chronic cough and silent airway reflux are discussed as are recommendations as to what you can do to beat reflux and feel so much better!

0:00-9:08 What is Dysphagia, The Five Systems of Dysphagia
9:08 – 24:30 What is Reflux and statistics on it’s prevalence
24:30 – 29:00 Chronic Cough
29:00 – 44:17 Reflux Testing and what is reflux and what does it look like?
44:17 – 1:01:40 Video of reflux from an endoscopic view
1:01:40 – 1:12:06 Silent Airway Reflux, Symptoms and conditions
1:12:06 – End  What can you do to beat reflux and feel better?


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