Patient Information & Resources

These patient information handouts, videos, and additional resources are intended to help the patient and/or caregiver with specific information relating to your particular situation. Explanations of specific diseases causing dysphagia, the role of the Speech Pathologist, and even how to enjoy the holidays with dysphagia are included. The PDFs can be downloaded or printed off for your convenience and future reference.


Dysphagia Information Handouts

Why Speech Therapy?

This two page handout discusses why you might enroll in Speech Therapy and how it may help you. The first page lists typical diagnoses with the therapy options to help rehabilitate, and then explains the brief reason or benefit to speech therapy for that diagnosis.It then lays out the areas of speech therapy, what they mean, and examples of the disability that may lead to that need. This document is meant as an overview of typical speech therapy services for adults with medical diagnoses.


Parkinson’s And Dysphagia

This two page handout discusses whether or not you have dysphagia for sure if you have Parkinson’s Disease and how the Five Systems of Dysphagia are affected by this neurological issue. Understanding whether you should worry about having dysphagia, and what can be done as far as receiving a swallowing instrumentation and therapy, is discussed at length. The purpose of this document is to discuss what the possibilities are for rehabilitation and management of your dysphagia as your Parkinson’s progresses.


Pulmonary Disease and Dysphagia

This two page handout introduces the diagnoses with notable respiratory dysphagia complications to the reader. Sample Data from a patient sample with COPD is discussed, along with the fact that many patients with respiratory dysphagia also have reflux as a complication. Finally, the Dysphagia Systems Test (DST) utilizing FEES is explained.


Cervical Spine Surgery and Dysphagia

This two page handout introduces the patient who is scheduled for cervical spinal surgery or has just had cervical spinal surgery to the potential for dysphagia complications. An explanation of why you may need to be evaluated by a Speech Pathologist, and how this may be performed is laid out in a question and answer format. Page two delves into the question of dysphagia following surgery with an explanation of the Five Systems of Dysphagia and how they may be affected. Finally, an explanation of how the Speech Pathologist may help you to be safe during recovery is discussed.


Reflux Dysphagia

This two page handout begins by explaining what reflux dysphagia is and what are the risk factors. It continues to explain why the patient with reflux would be referred to a Speech Pathologist, including the fact that 50% of patients have reflux and don’t know it. The Reflux Symptom Index is included for self assessment, as is an explanation of how a swallowing instrumentation is performed. Finally what will happen now that you have been referred to the Speech Pathologist is discussed in a question and answer format.


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